National Commission on the Status of Women

Government of Pakistan

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  • To examine policy, programs and other measures taken by the government for gender equality, women’s empowerment, political participation, representation; assess implementation and make suitable recommendations.
  • To review all laws, rules, and regulations affecting the status of rights of women and suggest repeal, amendment, or new legislation essential to eliminate decimation, safeguard, and promote the interest of women and achieve gender equality before law in accordance with the constitution and obligations under international covenants and commitments.
  • To sponsor, steer, encourage research to generate information, analysis and studies and maintain a database relating to women and gender issues to provide knowledge and awareness for national policy and strategic action for women empowerment
  • To recommend to the government of Pakistan to sign and ratifying of international instruments designed to protect human rights.
  • To develop and maintain interaction and dialogue with non-governmental organizations, experts and individuals in society and active association with similar commission and institutions in other countries for collaboration and action to achieve gender equality at the national, regional and international level.
  • To mobilize grants from domestic and international including multi and bilateral agencies, for meeting any of its obligations or performing its functions.
  • To monitor the implementation of international instruments that Pakistan has signed.

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