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Countering GBV Through Research, Data Strengthening and Standardization


Countering GBV Through Research, Data Strengthening and Standardization

Project Start: 1 November 2014- Project end: 31 October 2015

Donor: USAID

Supported by Aurat Foundation’s Gender Equity Programme

This partnership, with the USAID’s Gender Equality Programme  managed by the Aurat Foundation, aims to strengthen the mechanisms for adequate data collection, compilation, reporting, tracking, analysis and dissemination of information about gender based violence at the national level—across departments and institutions.


Under this project, the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) will  work towards countering GBV through research, data strengthening and standardization. The activities supported under this sub-grant fall under three categories: research, capacity building and policy advocacy. This project is a one year intervention, initiated in November 2014 with a value of USD 170,000.


Project Objectives

  • Standardization of GBV indicators to facilitate cross-institutional analysis at national and international levels
  • Up-gradation of central repository of resource material and information on gender to provide state of the art facility for researchers and a resource for educating policy planners and parliamentarians;
  • Support the Gender Crime Cell of National Police Bureau in GBV data analysis and tracking through focus trainings to capacitate women police;
  • Undertake evidence based research on GBV for policy advocacy

Project Outcomes

  • Universal indicators of violence against women will be set
  • Inclusion of these universal indicators in Pakistan Bureau of Statistics surveys
  • NCSW will become a central repository of all government documents and agreements related to women and other gender related data
  • Institutionally strengthening of NCSW will play a key role in interacting and lobbying with relevant stakeholders in advising changes at policy level
  • Regular National level surveys will be carried out with track changes for conducting a trend analysis
  • Capacity building plan/strategy for data collection team in Gender Crime Cell
  • Strengthened Gender Crime Cell



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