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Our strategies & Priorities

  • Work and lobby with lawmakers, parliamentarians and other decision makers for promotion of laws and regulations aimed at empowering women in the social, economic and political spheres.
  • Advocate, lobby and build coalitions and network for promoting women’s rights.
  • Liaise with provincial commissions and concerned National and provincial organizations.
  • Develop and maintain interactions/dialogue with non-governmental organizations, experts and individuals.
  • Develop active association with similar commission and institutions in other countries.

Our Priorities

  • Ensuring the development of implementation mechanisms for laws passed in last five years. (2008-2012)
  • Setting up complaints mechanism in NCSW.
  • Developing monitoring mechanisms for implementations of laws.
  • Undertaking select litigations, e.g. against Jirga’s, honor killing etc.
  • Working with PBS for development of sex disaggregated data.
  • Promoting enactment of pending legislations for women’s protections and empowerment.

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