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Priority Legislation

  • Reproductive health care and rights bill. (2013)
  • Domestic violence. (Prevention and Protection bill 2012)
  • Child Marriage Restraint act 1929.
  • Registrations of Hindu Marriages bill, 2011.
  • Christian Marriages (Amendment) bill 2012.
  • Domestic Violence (Criminal Law Amendment) Bill, 2012.
  • Christian Divorce (Amendment) bill 2012.
  • The Representation of Peoples Act 1976. (To ensure women’s right to voting)
  • Political parties act 1974 (for effective women’s participation in all decision making by political parties)
  • Human Trafficking Ordinance, 2000.
  • Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2004. (Amendment in CPC to make offense of honor crimes non compoundable)

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