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Evolution of NCSW

The NCSW was the logical outcome of the determined struggle waged by women activists over many years. Four contemporary commissions preceded the establishment of NCSW;

  1. In 1955, the commission on Marriage and family laws was setup to examine laws governing marriage, divorce & other related matter. (Headed by Justice Abdur Rasheed)
  2. In 1975, a high powered Pakistan Women’s Rights Committee was formed that suggested comprehensive changes affecting women besides proposing several administrative measures. (Chaired by Attorney General Yahya Bakhtyar)
  3. In 1983, the Pakistan Commission on Status of Women was established to ascertain the rights & responsibilities of women in an Islamic society. However, its report was suppressed until 1989. (Chaired by Muhtarma Zari Sarfaraz)
  4. In 1987, the commission of inquiry was set up to review all laws from women’s rights perspective and give recommendations for changes/new legislation. (Headed by Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid)
  5. In 2000, the permanent National commission on Status of Women was established through a Presidential Ordinance.
  6. From 2000-2012 four commissions completed their terms. Dr. Shaheen Sardar Ali, Justice (retd) Majida Rizvi, Ms Arifa Syeda, and Ms Anis Haroon were the first four chairpersons.
  7. In 2013, the new NCSW act, 2012 with financial and administrative autonomy was enacted. The fifth commission was formed under this act. (in January 2013)

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