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National Commission on the Status of Women Hails the Government for Getting Two Historic Bills against Harassment Passed

Nov 30, -0001

The National Commission on the Status of Women has highly appreciated governments efforts at all levels to get two bills against harassment passed within this week, one from the Senate and the other from the National Assembly. The Chair of the Commission, Anis Haroon said that this is a historic moment for the women of Pakistan and the Commission congratulates the Government as well as the whole Parliament for lending such vocal support to the Bills.”

Two aspects that the Commission mentioned in specific were the support and push from the most senior levels of PPP, which included the President and the Prime Minister, who publically as well as strategically supported the Bills at every step. Secondly, the consensus building efforts in both the houses, which resulted in all the major parties supporting these Bills in high spirit. In the Senate though the religious parties, JUI and JI did not support the bill as it is and spoke openly against it, all the other parties supported it with full vigour and made speeches to ensure that their parties were fully backing the concept as well as the legislation. This in itself is a great achievement because a law proves its affectivity in its implementation and when all big parties are behind it the implementation will be made easier.

Misbah Momin, a member of the Commission said that she was most impressed by the way the Prime Minister and the President supported this issue and helped build the consensus on this legislation, she particularly thanked Mrs. Fouzia Gillani who supported genuinely all the way till the bills were passed by both the houses. She also appreciated that the openness of the discussion in both houses cleared several doubts that some people had in their minds. Fouzia Saeed also a member of the Commission and a part of the network that was technically supporting this process said that the provinces need to assert themselves and take on this issue as a challenge. She mentioned that the implementation needs to be on the ground and all parties, the government machinery and the people need to take on the responsibility to enact the legislation in real life.
The Commission acknowledged the role of Women’s Caucus in bringing together women of all the parties. Nasreen Azhar, a senior member of the Commission said that it is a pleasure to see the women from all parties supporting women related legislation. She also appreciated the role of the Caucus and the honorable speaker in grooming the women leaders to highlight women’s issues.

The National Commission on the Status of Women is an autonomous Government body with the objective of keeping an eye on the way women’s issues are being addressed by various institutions. In addition it also suggests, develops and proposes progressive and innovative legislation and policy ideas. The Commission has senior members representing all regions of the country and has shown high interest in crimes against women including extremism and ways to handle them.

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