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National Press Prominently Reports the commitment by Women Parliamentarians

Jun 20, 2013

National Press prominently reports the commitment by women parliamentarians at a dinner hosted by NCSW for newly elected Women Parliamentarians:

Myra Imran, The News Daily, Thursday, June 20, 2013 



Female parliamentarians on Tuesday expressed their resolve to continue working above party affiliations for legislation on women’s rights.


They were speaking at an interactive dinner hosted by the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) with an objective to provide an opportunity of interaction to the newly-elected female parliamentarians. The dinner was attended by a large number of female legislators, civil society members, diplomats and representatives of donor community.


Speaking on the occasion, NCSW Chairperson Khawar Mumtaz urged young female parliamentarians to further legislate for women’s rights. She said there are places in Pakistan where women are not allowed to vote. “It is up to the women of new parliament to press for the law against this practice.”


Khawar Mumtaz gave an introduction on the history and new mandate of NCSW and highlighted the importance of mutual cooperation among the NCSW, female parliamentarians and civil society.


She stressed on the need for establishing and strengthening the Provincial Commissions on the Status of Women. “The Commission only on the national level cannot serve the purpose effectively,” she said.


Talking about the performance of women in the last National Assembly, former National Assembly speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza pointed out that women performed far better than men in terms of legislation and discipline. She said that through Women Parliamentary Caucus, female parliamentarians proved that they have more unity as compared to men and they could think above party lines for the greater cause.


Minister of State for Health Sciences Saira Tarar said that there were some constituencies in Punjab as well where women were not allowed to cast vote. She said that female parliamentarians would bring legislation against the practice. She vowed to continue struggle for approval of pending legislation, including Domestic Violence Bill.


Senator Saeeda Iqbal also spoke on the occasion and criticised the mindset that hindered the way of legislation on women’s rights during the tenure of last government.


In the end, eminent poet and member NCSW Kishwar Naheed recited her heart-touching poetry. Her poems including ‘Hum gunahgar aurtien’ and ‘Wo jo bachion say bi daar gaayay’ brought tears to many eyes as every verse seemed connected to the recent incident of bombing in Quetta where a university bus full of girl students was targeted by the terrorists.

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