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NCSW Celebrates the Day of Provincial Autonomy

Nov 30, -0001

The National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) welcomes the successful completion of devolution process. It organized a major celebration at its premises to commend the historic achievement that the people of Pakistan wanted badly. It also celebrated its own autonomy which they got through a new bill recently passed by the cabinet with the approval of the last round of recommendations of the Implementation Commission.  Anis Haroon the chairperson said that now the manner in which the Commission will operate and contribute will be much different. With the autonomy we will at last be able to operate independently. Begum Shehnaz Wazir Ali MNA also attending this celebration said that an autonomous commission can now be more assertive and play a more meaningful role in promoting women’s rights agenda. The Commission reiterated its solidarity with the provinces in celebrating the day for Provincial Autonomy. Anis Haroon said, we believe that the devolution of powers to the provinces will strengthen the Federation and this country.

As a result of the devolution process, the role of NCSW has been further strengthened and made financially and administratively independent. It will now be called National Commission for Women (NCW) and it will be attached with Ministry of Human Rights.

The Commission appreciates the efforts of Senator Raza Rabbani, the chairperson of the Implementation Commission in this whole process.  The Commission ensured a smooth and transparent transfer of powers effectively and successfully.  The Chair and his team, very responsibly, thought through the functions of each Ministry and made sure that there were no gaps.

The Commission believes that since all the issues of social sector have been devolved to the provinces, therefore, it was essential for the women’s issues to be devolved also. Provinces will be able to legislate on local issues more effectively and in timely manner.  The anti women customary practices are so prevalent across the country and women’s lives are under extreme threat due to their existence. The provinces will be able to address those women’s issues which are propagated under the name of religion and culture. Now we are looking towards the provinces to take the issues of women more seriously and move legislation that addresses such customary practices.

The NCSW looks forward to work with provincial governments and provide any technical support that will be required to deal with women’s issues.  The Commission expects from the provincial governments that they will ensure that the fruits of devolution reached to the women at the grass roots level. We congratulate the nation at this historic achievement and fully celebrate the day of provincial autonomy

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