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NCSW Endorses the Press Release by Joint Action Committee, Karachi

Feb 23, 2013


Karachi, Feb. 23, 2013: Recently the Sindh Assembly has revived the 1979 Local Government Act of Zia-ul-Haq, which has replaced the 2012 Local Government Act. We the members of Women’s Action Forum and Civil Society Organizations want the issue of women’s representation to be reassessed. If not, we believe it will prove harmful to the cause of women workers and peasants as we consider it essential for the overall development of the country.

We will not allow the removal of 33% of women’s representation as well as the removal of Peasants and Workers Categories, who are most important and must he represented in the assembly as stakeholders, as it was proposed in 2001 Local Government Ordinance. We demand that the representation of workers and peasants should be restored through and amendment and that it should be guaranteed.

We believe that the participation of women, workers and peasants is absolutely essential to the cause of our Nation

Ideally a system should be worked out, which is suited to the Provinces, keeping in view the spirit of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. In the future we expect that all reforms will be promulgated after debate and Public hearings.

We demand that it be ensured that in no way is the Devolution Process waylaid in any way.

We demand that the Domestic Violence Bill, which has been vetted and worked on by all relevant sections of the concerned Government Departments through consensus building, should be presented and passed by the Sindh Assembly.

On behalf of WAF and now Communities, Piler, HRCP, Action Aid, Aurat Foundation, Asian Human Rights Commission, H-K, AHUNG, Hosiery Garments Workers Organization, HANDS, IUF, Network for Women’s Rights, PLB, Pakistan Workers Confederation, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), SPO, Shirkat Gah, Women Development Foundation Pakistan, War Against Rape, WADA, Lyari Community Development Organisation and YWCA

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