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NCSW Protests on the orders of DCO Lahore to Ban Women Vendors at Sunday Bazaars

Nov 30, -0001

The National Commission on the Status of Women felt outraged at the orders issued by DCO Lahore Mr. Ahad Cheema, banning women vendors from selling their products at Sunday Bazaars. The Commission termed it gross violation of fundamental human rights where a marginalized group of women is targeted and is being denied the opportunity to earn respectable livings for themselves and their families at large.

The NCSW would like to remind the concerned DCO, of the international commitments rectified by Govt of Pakistan to promote gender equality and empowerment of women in Pakistan. In this back drop, the present government has practical shown its commitment toward the emancipation of women and redemption of equal status for women in society by bringing in necessary legislation where the women are given guaranteed protection by the law of the land in any sphere of public life.  The action taken by DCO is complete negation of the commitments of present government towards the cause of women’s empowerment at all the levels.

The integrity of any nation or society is gauged through yardstick of the way it treats its women. Women are a very important section of our society. Without their unhindered participation in all spheres of public life, no nation can move towards its anticipated goals of economic, political and moral progress and aspire to earn a respectable place in the comity of nations.

The NCSW stresses upon the DCO Lahore to cancel this inhuman order and immediately lift the ban so as to enable these poor women to sell their commodities and earn honorable livelihoods for themselves.  At the same time, the Commission also urges Provincial Minister for Women’s Development and Minorities Mr.Kamran Michael to take urgent notice of this issue and talk with relevant agencies and departments to resolve it without any further delay

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