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NCSW to finalise indicators for violence against women soon

May 30, 2014

Daily Times May 30, 2014

NCSW to finalise indicators for violence against women soon

ISLAMABAD: National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) Chairperson Khawar Mumtaz on Thursday said that the commission would soon complete the indicators for collecting data on violence against women (VAW).“Once the indicators are finalised, we would share it with the international community and hand it over to the Bureau of Statistics for conducting a survey on women rights violations in country”, she said while talking to the media personnel. The indicators would be finalised in a week or so, after that, they would start working on the methodology and designing for conducting the survey, she informed. She said that once they get the data from grass-root level and collect actual facts, it would unveil the real situation in front of them which would help develop strategy for protecting women rights in the country.Mumtaz said that the commission would involve provinces for the implementation of women rights laws in the country. She stated that there is a need for monitoring the enforcement of sexual harassment at workplace act to ensure a safe environment for the women working. The chairperson added that there is a need to create awareness among the people regarding the women rights a law as the responsibility of the parliament is to work on legislation, but if people do not have information, they would not be benefited through it amicably. The capacity building of relevant institutions like police, lawyers is also as much important because if they do not have the knowledge that which clause would be applied on which offence and what is the punishment for that, they would not be able to plead the case properly.The women should also know on which complaints they can file a case and what is the legal procedure for that, besides the punishment for these offences. She said that the women rights violations are increasing but still a number of incidents were not registered as women do not have complete information of legislation and their rights, especially in the rural areas. Mumtaz said that the institutions at the union council level monitor and collect data that at which level people have awareness regarding the women rights laws and which areas need to be worked more. 


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