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Real Story of Live Help for Delivery of Baby in Middle of the Thar Desert, Sindh

Aug 23, 2013

My all dear ones,

This is a real live story that started with a distress cell phone call at 10 pm last night to me, by a male caller who was good in Urdu but I could see that he had a strong rural accent. Since the story developed though communication on the phone with no visual contact , therefore I will also narrate the story on the basis of our communication. I am QAB , while caller is Khalid , he will be mentioned as Kh, Rubina IDSP's manager MAA, midwife training program, will be RUB, Dr. Tanveer Chief Executive Hands, will Tan,

Caller, Hello Hello,
QAB, hello who is specking ?
Caller, where are you, are you a doctor, tell me your location , I am coming to you, where are,
QAB, who are you, and why you want to meet me.
Caller, first tell me your location ,
QAB, disconnected the call,
Again phone ringing,

QAB, hello ,
Caller, tell me quick where are you , I am coming to you, you are a doctor ,

Qab , please tell me the purpose of your call,
Caller, first you tell me are you a doctor , what is your location,
QAB, first you tell me why you need to know my location,
May be you have a wrong number,
Caller, are you a doctor ,? Tell me , tell me,
QAB , but what doctor do you need ,
Caller so you are a doctor, so my number is correct,

I thought and reflected on the tone and urgency and stress in callers voice, although he was talking in a very aggressive tone, but still there was a kind of distress in the voice,
I called the number myself,

QAB, hello , bhai , please tell me what kind of a doctor you are looking for there are many types of doctor, ( this was to check and correct if he is taking me as a medical doctor )

Caller, Baji , I do not know how to share my problem with you , I feel shameful , because you are a woman and I have with me my sister inlaw , and she is about to deliver a baby . But I feel shy to tell you this myself.
QAB, What is your name?
Caller , Khalid,
Qab, OK Khalid Bhai, where are you,
KH, we are from a village in Chachoro , and now on our way in search of medical help as we have none in our village.

Qab, ok who is with you?
KH, I am woman's brother in law, and a villager who is taking care of the camel,
Qab, CAMEL? what do you mean Camel,
Kh, we are traveling by camel,
Qab where is the women ,
Kh, she is on the camel , while we are walking by the side.
She is in pain, and we see nothing here to help us,
Qab , is this her first baby ?
Kh, yes this is first,
Qab , ok , first baby will take some time , be calm , and control your nerves, you wait for a call from a medical person , we will try to help, be strong and be stable, it will be ok,
Phone disconnect,
I contacted Ms. Robina manager of our midwifery program called MAA,

Bell is ringing , no response,
Again called our hostel manager Rajab,

Rajab , hello,
Qab salaam Rajab , where is Rubina Baji,
Raj, She has gone to get some things from shop,
Qab, I urgently need to talk to some midwife present in the hostel,
Raj, ok I am taking the phone to them,
MW, hello,
Qab hello, can you help on phone and guide by instruction to deliver a baby safly?
MW, no , but Robina baji can
Qab , Robina is not responding , please urgently get her on line with me ,
MW. ok,
As my mind was racing , I thought of HANDS a great organization working in maternal health care in Sindh since early 80s.
I called ,
Qab , hello , is this dr. Tanveer ?
Tan, yes , Salaam Dr. Sahiba, how are you , is all ok,
Qab, please can you get your teams to connect this women in labour pains and is with out any help?
Tan , where is she ?
Qab, they are in Chachro,
Tan, give me the contact number,
Qab gave the mob number,
Phone rings,
Qab , hello
Robina , hello dr sahiba,
Qab Robina write this number down and call this man Khalid and see what you can do , there is a woman needing urgent help in child delivery in middle is Chachro desert.
Robina , ok , takes down the number , phone disconnects,
It is now 10 : 20 that Robina took charge on supervising the delivery of a baby , through cell phone , instructing Khalid to help the woman deliver .they both were on cell phone for 40 minutes , with a gap of ten minutes.
My phone rang ,
Qab , hello,
Robina, do not worry Dr. Sahiba, I have explained to Khalid what to do and , to get the woman on the ground , make her lay down and hold her from the back, and monitor the pain and the duration of intervals , it will take a while for the baby to come.
Qab , ok, but we must find some medical help close to them,
Robina , but now the woman cannot and should not be on the camel , the baby is brich and can become complicated , so now they have to stop and prepare for delivery where ever they are.
Qab , Robina you think this man Khalid can do it, should they not go to a near by village to look for a woman, ?
Robina , there is no time for that.
Qab ok , we should keep our phone free in case ,
Phone disconnect,
I waited, and went to pray for the woman , Khalid and Robina.
After 30 minutes I called again to Khalid,
Qab , hello
Khalid , hello , the baby is out , we are following the instructions,
Qab , how is the baby
Kh, he is ok, we got the code disconnected, and also cleaned the inside of the uterus , but the woman is unconscious and is bleeding heavily, what should we do, please help,
Qab , did you got a call from HANDS,
Kh, yes , but they said you are too far and we cannot help at this time,
Qab , but you must find help,
Kh, what can we do , we are carrying the woman and the baby and also the camel's rope, and walking to find some help, the nearest medical help is two hours drive , and still we will not find a lady doctor there.
QAB, at this point donot worry of a lady or man doctor , we need to safe life,
Kh, oh wait she is coming to consciousness,
Qab , ok you take care, Robina will now call you again ,
Phone disconnect
Qab , hello
Robina hello, dr. Sahiba she must get some drip to stop bleeding,
Qab , how to do that , I donot know to whom we can ask for help,
Robina you keep talking and advising them , the woman is comming to consciousness , you better talk to them,
It is now pass 12 mid night ,

I called Khalid again
Qab Hello,
Kh, hello, we have further cleaned the inside of the woman and got all the waste out completely and now the bleeding has stopped.
Qab , are you doing all this yourself ?
Kh, yes there is no one, this is the only option we have, your doctor is very good she guided me and followed her instructions.
Sorry I cannot talk now she is in pain,
I called Robina,
Qab , hello, robina what do you think are they ok?
Rubina , I think they are ok and all is done well,
I need to talk again to Khalid, qab , ok
Disconnect ,

I gave time to them to recollect themselves,

Then I called at 4 am, but no one responded, I thought their battery is dead.

At 10 am this morning I called Khalid ,
Qab , hello, Khalid how is every thing,
All is fine , we returned to our village safe and fine both mother and child are fine, now I am sitting in the bus for Karachi to join my job .

qab, congratulations Khalid, you did great,
Kha, yes ,all village treated me like a hero , before i was considered the most useless person in the whole village. Thanks to Robina baji and and all your people.
I will come and meet you I'm Karachi.
Qab , great must meet , please come , we need to train some midwives in your village.
Kh, sure un will help,
Many Many thanks , you people are great .
Khuda hafiz,
Phone disconnect
Later in our Karachi campus Robina explained the whole process of supervising delivery on phone,
This is third Delivery our midwives helped through phone.
Allha is great ,
With lots of love and blessings,
Quratul ain

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