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National Commission for Human Rights Act 2012

Jun 05, 2012

According to the legislation, the federal government would constitute a commission, headed by an individual with sufficient judicial or human rights expertise; in the case of the former, he must either be a retired Supreme Court judge or one qualified to be so.
The commission includes the chairperson of the National Commission on Status of Women, as well as a member from minorities.
The commission, either on its own or after receiving a petition concerning violation of human rights, will be eligible to seek a report from the federal government.
Also, commission members or any other individual authorized by the body, will be entitled to visit the country’s jails as well as any other detainment centre falling under the authority of the government or the intelligence agencies.
However, according to the Act passed, the commission cannot inquire directly into the acts of intelligence outfits. If a complaint is made regarding any human rights abuses on the part of the agencies, it is bound to refer the complaint to the concerned authority.
The legislation also calls for the establishment of human rights courts for ensuring prompt trials for violations.
To make the commission financially independent, the Act makes it binding on parliament to make due allocations for it in its budget.
No contributions from any foreign source can be made to the body, except after gaining approval from the federal government

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